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Not Song Joong Ki, this is the male co-star who has the biggest influence on Song Hye Kyo’s life.

With many successful projects and unique beauty, Song Hye Kyo’s terrible popularity both inside and outside of Korea is undeniable. However, few people know that Song Hye Kyo is highly introverted and secretive, which the actress shared many years ago.
However, the actress starred in the hit Kdrama “Full House” with Bi Rain, which completely adjusted her personality. It can even be said that Rain played an essential role in creating the Song Hye Kyo of today, a more positive and friendly person.
Released in 2004, the romantic comedy Kdrama “Full House” became a massive hit in Korea and throughout Asia. With 16 episodes, “Full House” is considered the locomotive for the Hallyu wave, bringing the fame of Bi Rain and Song Hye Kyo to a new height in their careers.
And in fact, the chemistry between Song Hye Kyo and Bi Rain in this Kdrama is too good, making them rumored to be dating for a long time.



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