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Not ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’, Nam Joo Hyuk’s character in this drama makes the most pain.

Nam Joo Hyuk has just finished starring in “Twenty-Five Twenty-One.” In the popular tvN drama, the actor born in 1994 plays the role of Baek Yi Jin, a man who faces suffering during the IMF crisis.
An article on an online forum discussed which drama Nam Joo Hyuk was most annoying in. Instead of choosing “Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” netizens were busy mentioning Lee Joon Ha’s character in “The Light in Your Eyes.”
“Joon Ha, I can’t review this because it’s so sad,” wrote one netizen. “Just seeing it makes me cry, Lee Joon Ha,” said another. “Agreed, drama all my life,” added another netizen.
“I can’t watch easily because I’m sad. But everyone who sees it likes it,” praised another. “I like ‘The Light in Your Eyes,” added another netizen. “Ha, I’m crying,” concluded the other netizens.
“The Light in Your Eyes” is a fantasy drama about the love story between a woman who can travel through time but finds herself entangled in a bounded timeline and a reckless man who throws away the bright days of his youth by living a quiet life…
Nam Joo Hyuk plays the character of Lee Joon Ha, who wants to become a reporter. His character is focused on running towards his dream job but suddenly becomes someone who throws away the best days of his life and leads a sedentary life.
“The Light in Your Eyes” recorded a very high rating for cable TV when it aired. The drama, which also stars Han Ji Min and Kim Hye Ja, recorded the highest rating in its last episode with 9.7 percent.
Meanwhile, “The Light in Your Eyes” also received much praise, especially for Nam Joo Hyuk’s emotional acting in various scenes. Are you one of those who have watched the drama?



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