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Not wanting to get married, Park Min Young uncovers the reasons for being single at the age of 37 and alludes to the bond of love.

Park Min Young is one of the South Korean actresses loved by drama lovers.
Park Min Young has been in the entertainment world since 2005. When it first debuted, Park Min Young appeared as an SK Telcom advertisement model, taking her to various jobs in the drama world.
Park Min Young’s name skyrocketed after starring in the popular drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim with Park Seo Joon.
During his time in the entertainment world, Park Min Young was never seen to have a partner.
She was dragged into dating rumors several times with some co-stars, such as Lee Min Ho and Park Seo Joon.
But until now, Park Min Young has never really opened up about her love story, let alone responded to the dating rumors circulating.
Talking about love problems, Park Min Young doesn’t prioritize romance in her life.
When asked about the possibility of getting married shortly, the star of the drama Forecasting Love and Weather chose not to think about it.
Then, what makes Park Min Young not want to rush into marriage even though she is already 37 years old?
Launching Kbizoom, Park Min Young finally opened up about his views on marriage and love in an interview with OSEN on April 7, 2022.
On that occasion, Park Min Young admitted that her view of love was much different from Jin Ha Kyung’s character, who he played in the drama Forecasting Love and Weather.
“This is what I’ve been worried about since my early 20s,” she said.
“I thought I would get married at 27, 30, or mid-30s. But now I’m in my late 30s and don’t want to think about marriage anymore,” said Park Min Young.
Not without reason, Park Min Young was too immersed in the world of work.
She admits that he prefers to work hard rather than think about love.
“I still really like working. I think I will only get married when this job is no longer interesting to me,” said the beautiful woman.
“I like working because I can find many interesting things. At this point, I think marriage is still a bit far away. I still want to prioritize my work,” continued Park Min Young.
When asked about love, Park Min Young admitted that she was not the type of woman who fell in love quickly.
She also admitted that he wanted to immediately establish a serious relationship if he met an attractive man one day.
“I want to say that we have to see our love bond, and our relationship has to be a little bit serious,” he said.
“I don’t fall in love easily, but I can fall in love with someone once I know that person better.”
“My view of love is different from Ha-Kyung’s.”
“That’s how I think about love right now. Maybe because I still put work first,” she said.



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