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Often teased for being too skinny, SNSD’s Yoona’s latest appearance looks fatter, a flood of praise!

SNSD’s Yoona has always been the centre of attention from drama lovers and kpopers.
She is said to be the original visual throughout the K-Pop generation.
Until now, Yoona’s beauty has not been matched.
Even though it has been 15 years since her debut in the entertainment world, the drama player ‘Big Mouth’ is still popular.
Yoona and SNSD group members recently released a new album titled ‘Forever 1’.
MV ‘Forever 1’ was officially released on YouTube on Friday (05/08/22) afternoon.
Yoona’s appearance stole the public’s attention the most when she appeared in the MV ‘Forever 1’.
The 31-year-old idol has again become the most talked about centre this August.
In the MV ‘Forever 1’, Yoona looks glamorous in a silver high-slit dress.
With a peach hue, Lee Seung Gi’s ex-girlfriend’s makeup looked fresher than usual. Thanks to her beauty, Yoona is back on Twitter’s trending topic. Photos of Yoona when she attended the Estee Lauder event at Lotte World Mall Thursday (04/08/22) were hotly discussed in online forums. Yoona looks stunning in an all-white outfit that makes her skin look brighter.
Yoona chose flawless and natural makeup at the event.
Her long hair is also left loosely and neatly. But the thing that stole the most attention was Yoona’s body, which was judged to be fuller.
The ‘Echo’ singer is known to have a thin body. Yoona herself admits that her body is hard to fat. Her body is fuller, and Yoona is flooded with netizens’ praise. The drama player ‘The K2’ is called more beautiful with a full body. While attending SNSD’s comeback showcase, Yoona was also in the spotlight.
She looks very beautiful, like an angel in a white dress.



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