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On the day of his reappearance, Hyun Bin is taken aback by his elderly uncle’s looks.

Hyun Bin attended the press presentation for the film “The Point Men” today (December 20) in Megaboz Seongsu, Seoul. The actor, who was born in 1982, gained notice when he made an appearance wearing a stylish outfit. He maintains a lengthy hairstyle and sports a full beard.
Hyun Bin certainly appears like an uncle in this photo. Many people believe that he manifested himself in such way to conform to the character’s portrayal in the film. Others said that Hyun Bin seemed sharp and old due to his work as a babysitter.
After welcoming his first kid with Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin is taking part in activities for the first time. At the end of November, his wife gave birth to a healthy boy with no complications. Hyun Bin traveled overseas at that time to make films. But he got there in time to share a significant life event with his wife and kids.
Hyun Bin will reportedly spend the new year with Kid Ye Jin and his son. He will go to Latvia at the end of January to shoot “Harbin.”
Based on the 2007 Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan and the ensuing rescue effort, “The Point Men,” starring Hyun Bin, is set during that time period. The premiere of the piece is scheduled on January 18, 2023.



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