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Once attracted to Song Hye Kyo, Lee Byung Hun turned out to be not a basket-eyed man, his wife’s confession was the proof.

Once the lover of Song Hye Kyo’s heart, Lee Byung Hun is known as an artist who has a series of controversies.
Not without reason, this former Song Hye Kyo had several times been caught in forbidden love with another woman.
However, Lee Byung Hun always clarified and said that he had no special relationship with any woman other than Lee Min Jung’s wife.
For your information, Lee Byung Hun was the first person Song Hye Kyo recognized as a lover.
Lee Byung Hun began a romantic relationship with Song Hye Kyo after starring in All In’s drama in 2003.
Behind his big name, Lee Byung Hun was accused of being a playboy.
Launching Soompi, Lee Byung Hun was involved in an affair scandal with the beautiful model Lee Ji Yeon in 2014.
Previously, he had also been caught kissing and hugging other women.
Worse, Lee Byung Hun’s impolite behaviour was carried out before his legal wife, Lee Min Jung.
However, it turns out that Lee Byung Hun is not a casual man like the public has accused him of.
This was proven through Lee Min Jung’s confession in the Yoo Quiz on the Block program, which aired on March 16, 2022.
On that occasion, Lee Min Jung shared his domestic life with Lee Byung Hun.
Launching Kbizoom on April 21, 2022, Lee Min Jung also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of being an actor’s wife.
She admits that her acting skills are now starting to change because she gets a lot of positive input from her husband.
Unlike the public perception so far, Lee Byung Hun at home is a patient and understanding husband.
He didn’t get emotional when Lee Min Jung shouted in a high pitched tone.
This is what makes Lee Min Jung more in love with her husband.
“When we were together, I often spoke in a high pitched voice when angry,” he said.
“I usually scream when I’m stressed, while my husband stays calm and holds his emotions well.”
According to Lee Min Jung, Lee Byung Hun is a gentleman.
“Contrary to my confusing words, he (Lee Byung Hun) is a very gentle and kind person,” he said.



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