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Once Rumored Dating, Lee Min Ho Called To Be A Special Guest In Kim Go Eun’s Fanmeet Event

Beautiful actress Kim Go Eun celebrated 10 years of her debut by holding a fan meeting.
Quoted from lovekpop95 (April 26, 2022), according to a report by Xports News on April 25, Kim Go Eun will be holding an offline fan meeting in the second half of this year. Kim Go Eun himself made his debut in the entertainment industry through the 2012 film “A Muse.” To celebrate exceptional achievement in his acting career, Kim Go Eun will meet and spend an unforgettable time with fans in person.
This meeting will be the first time that Kim Go Eun is holding a fan meeting in five years.
Because the last fan meeting was held in May 2017 after the broadcast of tvN “Goblin”.
Since then, she has focused on his work schedule.
SHe did not have the opportunity to meet fans in person.
Therefore, Kim Go Eun’s fans are looking forward to the idol’s upcoming fan meeting.
In particular, Xports News also revealed that there would be a special guest for Kim Go Eun at this fan meeting.
The man is a man who was once rumored to be close to her.
Many fans are guessing who this man is. Not a few suspected that Kim Go Eun’s special guest was actor Lee Min Ho.
The actor who plays Ko Hansu in Pachinko is the male partner who worked with Kim Go Eun on the hit work titled The King: Eternal Monarch.
Is it true what fans think?
We’ll have to look forward to Kim Go Eun’s fan meeting later!



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