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Once said to be Jeon Ji Hyun look-alike, this K-drama actress is now vastly popular with various hits.

Boasting an impressive height of 173cm and a model-like physique in high school, Shin Hye Sun was nicknamed “Jeon Ji Hyun of the National High School of Traditional Arts” and “Jeon Ji Hyun” with braces, and drew attention for her resemblances with famous actress Jeon Ji Hyun. However, she only developed passion for acting after watching Won Bin in the major hit K-drama “Autumn in My Heart”.
In addition, Shin Hye Sun never mentioned her similarities with Jeon Ji Hyun when she first entered the acting industry, Instead, she built up her reputation and talent through hard work and determination, and only landed minor roles in her career, even briefly appearing in Jeon Ji Hyun’s “Legend of The Blue Sea”. Shin Hye Sun’s first leading role was in “Five Enough”, but it was not until the weekend series “My Golden Life” that the actress finally became a star. In the following years, she constantly proves her acting prowess and charms as female leads of critically acclaimed dramas like “Still 17”, “The Hymn of Death”, “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”, as well as popular series like “Mr. Queen”.
Of course, Shin Hye Sun is not yet a legendary figure like Jeon Ji Hyun, but she is highly praised for her vast versatility and constantly changing images, going from hilarious to serious characters, and from villains to protagonists. Compared to fellow actresses from the same generation, Shin Hye Sun can be considered a late bloomer, but her career is not less glamorous.
Hopefully, with her beauty and outstanding talents, Shin Hye Sun will continue to shine in her future projects.



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