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Opponents of BTS and groups “abandoned” by Kpop.

It’s not uncommon for K-pop artists to file lawsuits against their management company, but B.A.P’s case is one of the most talked about.
The group filed for contract cancellation in 2014, citing the company’s low pay and harsh working conditions. B.A.P had to stop working for 1 year due to a legal dispute.
After that, many other artists of TS Entertainment also filed lawsuits, leading to the company’s closure in 2021.
B.A.P started the company conflict at the right moment. The album “First Sensibility”, released in 2014, topped the Billboard World Albums Chart, even winning the MTV EMA award, the category of best Korean artist, beating BTS and Beast.
Although B.A.P returned in 2015, it affected its later success due to a long hiatus. In the end, the group did not reach the previous level of development and disbanded in 2019.
Although SM Entertainment’s girl group has not officially disbanded, the last time the music product was released was in 2015. Perhaps, Sulli’s departure from the group made SM Entertainment no longer interested in f(x) and let his talented idols fall into oblivion.
Fans have been looking forward to seeing the girls back together. But in some interviews, the members revealed that circumstances did not allow them even though they all wanted to stand on stage.
Over time, the members began to leave SM Entertainment, causing this group to be “frozen” in activities.
In an interview in 2020, member Luna shared with fans that the group has not disbanded yet. But now, Krystal has turned to become an actress, and Song Qian and Amber are building a career in China. Therefore, it is unlikely that f(x) will reunite and release a product.
CLC is not a case of being abandoned by the management company, but Cube Entertainment has led the group in the wrong direction. Debuting in 2015, the group achieved a certain success at first. CLC’s international popularity spiked in 2017 with the song Hobgoblin.
However, instead of following this development, the company then chose a completely different song for the girls, which was not well received by the public. Due to not maintaining its popularity, Cube Entertainment also no longer invests much in the group. The last comeback of the female idols was in 2020.
Although there has been no official announcement about the disbandment, some members have left Cube to focus on solo careers.
Debuting in 2017, Pristin gathered many girls who appeared on the show “Produce 101” and 2 former members of the group I.O.I.
This is also one of the few groups with a successful Kpop debut. Pristin then released several music products and built a reputation in the entertainment world.
However, the group also suffered the same fate as many other “seniors”, having to stop working inexplicably.
Fans were furious with Pledis Entertainment, claiming that the group had potential but was not being promoted properly. By 2019, Pledis announced that Pristin had disbanded, and only 3 members renewed their contracts with the management company.
5.Miss A
Miss A is a typical example of the management company being the cause of pushing the group to the brink of disbandment. Despite being famous since its debut in 2010, JYP Entertainment had financial difficulties. Therefore, the company decided only to promote and promote Suzy’s activities.
At that time, the cult female idol was not only known as a singer, but she also made her mark when participating in several films. That is also why Miss A is called “Suzy and friends”.
Every song that the group released became a hit, but in the end, Miss A could not escape the hiatus in 2015. After that, the members left the company one by one; the group officially disbanded in 2017.



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