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Ordinary glamorous, peek at the style of the beautiful Bae Suzy lying on the sofa of her luxurious house, the aura of the star still radiates!

Bae Suzy is busy with the comeback of two dramas this year.
Not long ago, Suzy’s latest drama, ‘ ANNA’ aired on Coupang Play. Suzy plays a woman named Lee Yoo Mi and changes her identity to Anna. After living with someone else’s identity, Yoo Mi’s fate changes.
She is married to a businessman who has ambitions to become the mayor of Seoul.
Despite being a rich woman, Yoo Mi’s life remains unhappy because it is shrouded in lies.
The drama ‘ANNA’ is known only to have eight episodes. Even so, the drama is very fun to watch.
Currently, Suzy is busy filming a new drama entitled ‘The Girl Downstairs’. Lee Dong Wook’s ex-girlfriend will be paired with a handsome actor, Yang Se Jong. Not long ago, Suzy was caught filming ‘The Girl Downstairs’. When filming, she looks like a teenager in a pink mini dress and sneakers.
From a distance, Suzy is also called a living doll because of her cuteness. Known to be beautiful and always look stunning when in public, it turns out that Suzy also often lazes around in just an ordinary t-shirt.
The moment was seen in the event ‘Off The Record, ‘ aired on the Dingo Music YouTube channel in 2017.
The program shows Suzy’s daily life both at work and just doing activities at home. In episode 3, Suzy is seen spending the whole day at home.
The 27-year-old actress even lazes on the sofa in front of the tv for hours.
He chose to lie down with a plaid blanket. Her face is not wearing any makeup at all. Suzy only wore a grey home shirt that looked oversized.
She lay down, holding the tv remote and constantly changing channels. She was tired of watching tv; once in a while, Suzy played with her cellphone until she fell asleep. The portrait of Suzy lying in her luxurious house certainly attracted the attention of fans.
Even though her appearance is much different when she works, Suzy still looks charming. The aura of the star still shines even though she is lazing around.



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