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Our Blooming Youth: The Story of a Prince Under a Mysterious Curse stars Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee.

In the Korean drama Our Blooming Youth, Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee co-starred. They both appreciated their jobs and complemented one other while working together.
Park Hyung Sik portrays Lee Hwan, a prince who must clear Min Jae Yi’s reputation in the drama. While Jeon So Nee plays Min Jae Yu, a gifted and brilliant lady who will break Lee Hwan’s curse.
The plot of Our Blooming Youth revolves on the love tale of Lee Hwan, a prince who is cursed. As well as Min Jae Yu, a brilliant lady accused of murdering her family.
Jeon So Nee recently disclosed his initial impressions while filming a film with Park Hyung Sik. Park Hyung Sik, he says, is a dependable individual. Park Hyung Sik maintained a serene demeanor during the almost year-long shooting process.
“When we initially met, he was courteous, polite, and appeared like he would surely accomplish what needed to be done. That’s precisely what he is,” Jeon So Nee remarked in Soompi on Tuesday (7/2/2023).
Park Hyung Sik also discussed his co-star. Park Hyung Sik first felt it would be impossible to develop chemistry with So Nee since he prefers to be alone.
“I keep uncovering new sides every time we switch lines. “In the end, we immediately got close while discussing our thoughts and fears,” Park Hyung Sik remarked.
Nonetheless, they both loved the shooting process. Park Hyung Sik professes to like conveying emotions in various roles. He also appreciates meeting co-stars from various backgrounds.
Jeon So Nee is the same way; he is passionate about performing and enjoys meeting new people. He wanted to concentrate on performing.
“I hope I still find acting intriguing in 10 to 20 years,” Jeon So Nee stated.



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