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Park Bo-Young & Park Hyung Sik: Publicly Showing Affection and Their “Married Couple” Chemistry.

In 2017, viewers were introduced to the delightful duo of Park Bo-Young and Park Hyung Sik as they starred in the beloved K-drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” Known as “Bong-Bong” and “Min-Min” by fans, these characters captured the hearts of many with their undeniable on-screen chemistry.

The on-screen romance was so convincing that it sparked dating rumors between the two stars. Although they never officially dated, it was evident that there was something special between them. Their off-screen camaraderie couldn’t be ignored, leaving fans hopeful for a real-life romance.

Park Hyung Sik couldn’t keep his feelings a secret and publicly confessed his affection for his co-star, Park Bo-Young. He candidly said, “P Buang Nuna, I really loved you. You were that lovable. You were truly Bong, because you were the perfect Bon. It was so natural for me to love you. I wanted to love you more, but I’m sad it’s over.” It was clear that his feelings were genuine.

Park Bo-Young, on the other hand, revealed that she had been secretly admiring Park Hyung Sik even before they met. She described him as kind and cute and admitted, “I had my eye on Yung when he was an idol in ZE:A. I know all of the title tracks by heart, and Yung SE personally quizzed me to see my knowledge of the songs.” She had no idea about Park Hyung Sik’s feelings for her during this time.

Despite the passing years, their friendship remained strong. Park Bo Young continued to speak positively of Park Hyung Sik, reminiscing about their time together. Fans held onto the hope that these two would eventually become a couple, and their wish was granted when it was announced that they would be reuniting on screen in the spin-off series, “Strong Girl Namson,” after a long six-year gap.

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement when Park Hyung Sik shared behind-the-scenes photos of himself and Park Bo Young taking a selfie together on set. What caught the attention of eagle-eyed netizens was the song he chose to accompany the post, which was “Squad Body” by BTS. The lyrics of the song resonated with fans and seemed to mirror their real-life relationship. The lyrics spoke of waiting and hoping for someone to change their mind, much like Min-Min waiting for Bong-Bong in the series. It said, “I’m still waiting for you. Will you change your mind? I would give it all up for us. I wish I could stay with you.”

With a history of undeniable chemistry and their genuine affection for each other, fans are still holding out hope that Park Bo-Young and Park Hyung Sik’s “married couple” chemistry may one day become a reality. The bond between these two stars, both on and off screen, continues to be a source of excitement and joy for their dedicated fans.

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