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Park Eun-hye opened up about her personal life, revealing send her twin sons and ex-husband abroad. for education

South Korean Actress Park Eun-hye Shares Insights on Family, Camping, and Life Choices.

Renowned South Korean actress Park Eun-hye recently opened up about her personal life, revealing her decision to send her twin sons and ex-husband abroad for education. In a heartfelt discussion on Channel A’s ‘Best Friends Tocumentary Table for Four,’ Park delved into the reasons behind her choices and her newfound freedom to pursue personal interests.

Park, known for her dynamic presence in the South Korean entertainment industry, took a camping trip with close friends Tony An, actor Jo Jae-yoon, and singer Park Ki-young. This trip was a significant departure from her usual routine, primarily dictated by her responsibilities as a mother. “I always wanted to go camping, but I couldn’t because of my children. Now that they are studying abroad, I finally have the chance,” Park shared.

Her friends, each with their unique nickname for Park, highlighted different aspects of her personality. Tony An humorously dubbed her ‘the one who listens,’ Jo Jae-yoon referred to her as ‘the one who wakes me up,’ and Park Ki-young called her ‘the one who calls.’ These endearing titles reflect the deep connections and mutual respect in their friendships.

During the camping trip, Park not only showcased her adventurous spirit but also her culinary skills. She prepared a special fish cake stew, which was a hit among her friends, especially Tony An, who expressed his newfound love for winter camping due to the stew’s delicious taste. The group also enjoyed a meal of pork belly and kimchi fried rice, followed by Park’s innovative fish cake noodles.

Reflecting on her childhood in the countryside, Park mentioned how she wanted her children to experience nature. “One day, watching my kids, I realized the importance of connecting them with nature,” she said. Despite her children’s preference for hotels during a trip to Paris, she emphasized the value of more grounded experiences.

The actress also touched on her decision to send her children and their father abroad. “I wanted to take them myself, but language barriers and potential emergencies made it more practical for their English-speaking father to accompany them,” she explained.

Actor Jo Jae-yoon commented on Park’s parenting style, predicting that her children would grow up to be independent and well-adjusted, especially with their exposure to international education.

Park Eun-hye’s candid conversation sheds light on the balancing act of a successful career, parenting, and personal growth. Her story resonates with many, highlighting the challenges and rewards of making life-changing decisions for the betterment of family and self.

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