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Park Min Young Allegedly Discusses Ex-Boyfriend in AAA 2022

Park Min Young was one of the celebrities that attended the 2022 Asia Artist Award (AAA). During her winning speech, the 1986-born actress appeared to be discussing her relationship scandal.
Park Min Young received the Hot Trend Award and the Best Artist Award at AAA 2022 on Tuesday (13/12). During her first victory speech, the actress said that she would only exhibit her finest side as an actor.

“I met the audience this year via two initiatives. This award, I assume, is meant to recognize my hard effort. I will not alter next year and will continue to work hard to exhibit my best side as an actor. Thank you very much “Park Min Young said.
Park Min Young looked to be alluding to her romance scandal earlier this year during her second victory speech. “This year has not been easy for me. I will work hard from now on to become an actress who will not disappoint you. Whatever happens, I will honor my commitment “She said.
Park Min Young made news a few months ago when Dispatch published a story accusing her of dating notorious businessman Kang Jong Hyun. A picture of Kang Jong Hyun and Park Min Young together is included in the report, as is a photo of Park Min Young driving a car suspected of belonging to Kang Jong Hyun.
What is more concerning are the claims made by Dispatch in an article in which the media outlet accuses Kang Jong Hyun of fraud and calls the legality of his prior business dealings into question. Following the publication of the report, Park Min Young’s agency, HOOK Entertainment, stated that the pair had split up.



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