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Park Min Young Appears Courageous as a Lingerie Model, Innocent Face while Sitting in the Bathtub Makes you nervous!

Park Min Young again shows her action as a top actress in 2022.
How come? She took on two drama projects at the same time.
At the beginning of the year, the 37-year-old actress returned through the drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather.’
She collided with a young actor, Song Kang. Park Min Young returned to being an office employee in the drama.
She has received criticism because she is considered inseparable from her role as an office woman.
As is known, Park Min Young has played an office woman in the dramas ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,’ ‘Her Private Life’ and ‘Forecasting Love and Weather.’
Park Min Young is currently busy filming the drama ‘MonWedFriTuesThursSat.’
In the drama, she plays a female figure named Choi Sang Eun.
She is a woman who works as a single-life helper.
Not as an office woman, Choi Sang Eun works to help single men to gain recognition in the social environment.
Choi Sang Eun will accompany single men to attend family events or invitations.
Of course, Park Min Young’s fans are looking forward to the drama ‘MonWedFriTuesThursSat’, which will soon air in the year’s second half.
Park Min Young himself is known as an actress with a beautiful face and a sexy body.
Having been criticized because her body was getting thinner, Park Min Young turned out to have had a whole body when she was a teenager.
She has even been partnered with an underwear brand, SOLB, because of her sexy body.
Park Min Young’s photoshoot with SOLB shocked fans back in 2011.
Because in the photo shoot, Park Min Young showed her mature side.
One of them was when Park Min Young posed in the bathtub.
Park Min Young is seen wearing beige lingerie by showing her chest.
The drama player ‘When The Weather is Fine’ put on a sullen face until he bit her finger.
Suddenly the fans were amazed by the beauty of Park Min Young in the photo shoot.
“She looks innocent but also glamorous,” wrote netizens.
“I’m very jealous of those who can be in a photo shoot with Park Min Young,” said another.
Park Min Young’s charm has never escaped the public’s attention
Even though she admits to having plastic surgery, Park Min Young always gets compliments for her beauty.



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