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Park Min Young Makes Up Beautiful Like a Goddess, Ex Lee Min Ho’s Thin Body Even Makes Fans Anxious!

Park Min Young always looks attractive with her perfect visuals. Park Min Young’s name has become increasingly known to the public since she played the main character in the drama ‘What’s Wrong With My Secretary Kim’ in 2018.
In this drama, she plays a secretary named Kim Mi So.
The intense chemistry she built with Park Seo Joon made this drama attractive to many viewers.
Recently, Park Min Young stole the public’s attention by uploading photos on her Instagram account.
On June 16, Park Min Young posted two photos on her Instagram page with the caption, “I think I need to protect the Earth”.
In the photo, Park Min Young amazes the public by dressing up as a goddess.
Her long brown hair was left flowing beautifully. Her eyes and small face can make people’s hearts flutter whenever they see her beauty.
Appearing in a new style, Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriend successfully hypnotized the fans.
In the post, Park Min Young wore a plain black t-shirt showing her tiny arms.
Even though she was dressed, the decoration on her forehead added to the impression of grace and elegance.
The photo has been liked by more than 700 thousand accounts and has received various comments.
“You are too like a goddess to only protect the Earth.”
“You are so beautiful that your own face will protect the Earth.”
“I don’t understand why you look so amazing.”
Behind the praise, Park Min Young’s body, which looks thinner, has attracted the attention of netizens.
“You look thinner, are you on a diet? Please eat regularly,” wrote a netizen.
“Eonni, don’t forget to eat. You look thinner,” said another.
Park Min Young often uploads his portrait on his personal Instagram page.
Park Min Young’s beautiful photos always get enthusiasm from netizens.
The 36-year-old actress started her career in the entertainment industry by starring in an SK Telecom commercial in 2005.
In 2011, Park Min Young was involved in a drama called ‘City Hunter’ with Lee Min Ho.
The two of them are involved in a love affair. Unfortunately, the relationship lasted only a few months and officially broke up in 2012
Besides Lee Min Ho, she is also rumoured to be dating Park Seo Joon.
However, both parties have confirmed that the news is not accurate.
Now Park Min Young is preparing for her newest drama with the title ‘Mon Wed Fri Tues Thurs Sat’, which airs on tvN.



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