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Park Min Young was accidentally caught showing a rude attitude while filming against Song Kang.

Recently, the attitude of Korean actress Park Min Young is known to cause controversy behind the scenes of the Korean drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather.’ As is known, ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ is a Korean drama produced by NPIP Entertainment, and Netflix is currently broadcasting JTBC. This drama has a romantic genre about the love story of two employees of the National Meteorological Agency. The ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ series is played by famous actress Park Min Young juxtaposed with the handsome brondong Song Kang. In their acting, Park Min Young and Song Kang did show a professional totality. Despite the age gap, the romance scenes between the two still make netizens baper.
Moreover, there are kissing and intimate scenes in bed. But who would have thought Park Min Young was accidentally caught showing a rude attitude while filming the drama Forecasting Love and Weather against Song Kang, causing controversy. Kbizoom proclaimed Friday, March 4, 2022; the news was obtained from the release of the latest behind-the-scenes photos recently uploaded by the Forecasting Love and Weather crew. At this moment, Park Min Young was seen showing his true nature of being arrogant and rude to Song Kang, who incidentally is a junior in the acting world. At that time, it was seen where Song Kang was helping his co-star who was drunk, while Park Min Young was standing outside to observe. The cynical gaze that looked full of anger made many spectators a little scared.
In the scene of the drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather,’ Park Min Young looks angry, but in reality, behind the scenes, she glances harshly and cynically at Song Kang. Some netizens think that the gaze of the female lead of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ is like glaring at her co-star. However, some netizens disagreed and thought it was just a camera angle that caused Park Min Young’s misunderstanding. Although it is not clear what Park Min Young’s thoughts and expressions were at the time, through her interactions with Song Kang in the previous behind-the-scenes footage, this senior-junior relationship still looks perfect. A little information, after almost two years of hiatus from the Korean screen, Park Min Young also decided to join the race with a new JTBC drama titled ‘Forecasting Love and Weather.’ In the drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather,’ Park Min Young plays Ha Kyung’s department head while Song Kang plays the new employee Siwoo. After the drama aired, the two received positive responses about their compatibility in acting. This drama airs every Saturday and Sunday night on JTBC. Until now, they were Forecasting Love and Weather has reached episode 7, which aired on Saturday (5/3/2022) on JTBC.



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