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Park Min Young suddenly mentioned marriage, Korean showbiz is about to have good news?

Actress Park Min Young is no longer a strange name to the audience. She is even a familiar face when appearing in many famous dramas such as: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Secret of Her Fangirl, Healer, City Hunter,…
Recently, she and handsome actor Song Kang collaborated on JTBC’s drama Love and Weather Forecast.
The film tells the love and work story of Jin Ha Kyung (Park Min Young) – a person who is always secretive about work and personal life. Perhaps that’s why she separated herself from the rest of her colleagues. However, everything changes when Ha Kyung meets Lee Shi Woo – a free-spirited guy who deeply impresses her with his intelligence and obsession with the weather. He broke down the wall that Jin Ha Kyung had built around his heart for so long.
After 16 episodes premiered, although it did not receive too much interaction and follow-up, this is also considered a successful work for Park Min Young, when she transformed into a character with a relatively different image. Compared to her previous roles.
Park Min Young shared this role and her plans in a small interview with the national press. In particular, the audience was extremely surprised when she mentioned marriage in her answer.
Specifically, Min Young shared, “Whether before or now, my life’s priorities are still being worked out. In the movie Forecasting Love and Weather, Oh Joo-im (Yoon Sabong) – who ended the marriage, childbirth, and childcare, told Jin Ha Kyung, “I don’t expect you to go through that.” Since I’m the same age as Jin Ha Kyung, the word reality suits me very well.
The actress added, “Even if I get married, I will continue to pursue an acting career. This mindset has never changed in me. People often say that I have reached the age of marriage, but in this era, my age is not yet the age to get married. Now is the working age. I am well aware of work and can relax a bit, so now is a good time to work.”
The sharing of the 36-year-old beautiful actress could not help but make the audience nod at her seriousness and dedication to her career.
Let’s look forward to the following projects of the beautiful and talented actress Park Min Young in the future.



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