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Park Min Young’s Ex-Boyfriend Gives Clarification, Denies Being the Actress’ Sponsor.

Last month, netizens and fans of Park Min Young were worried by Dispatch rumours accusing the actress of being in a relationship with Kang Jong Hyun.
As is known from internet searches, Kang Jong Hyun is the chairman of Bithumb, one of the largest crypto exchanges in South Korea.
The media also claimed that Kang was currently suspected of obtaining large loans from illegal private companies, which he used to buy businesses such as ‘Bithumb,’ ‘Vidente Co,’ ‘Bucket Studio,’ and others. The media further accused Kang of accumulating huge fortunes through such illegal transactions.
With the controversy surrounding Park Min Young and Kang Jong Hyun, Hook Entertainment, as Park Min Young’s agency stated that he is no longer dating Kang Jong Hyun.
Kang Jong Hyun is now giving his response. He said he spoke to Dispatch on October 12.
“I met with Min Young on the 29th of last month (when the report was made),” he said, quoted from Soompi, Friday (10/14/2022).
“I don’t want to ruin her (Park Min Young) acting career because of me. She really likes acting so we decided to break up,” he said.
Furthermore, Kang admitted that he did not want to make the name of the drama player ‘Love in Contract’ associated with him again, especially because it gave the actress a bad image.
“I don’t care how reports are written about me, but I don’t want him to be mentioned again,” said Kang Jong Hyun.
He also denied having sponsored Park Min Young financially. He even mentions only giving gifts on his ex-girlfriend’s birthday, nothing more.
“The only thing I gave Park Min Young was a Chanel bag on his birthday. I received more (gifts from Park Min Young),” said Kang Jong Hyung.
Kang Jong Hyun also talked about the rumours surrounding his business at the centre of controversy. Although she holds the title of chairman of four companies, her sister is the registered representative of three companies.



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