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Park Min Young’s New Move Amidst Scandal Causes Netizen Outrage.

On January 18th, Star News reported that actors Park Min Young and Na In Woo are scheduled to appear on tvN’s variety show ‘Amazing Saturday’. This marks the first time Park Min Young will be participating in the show and the second appearance for Na In Woo.

Both actors are currently starring in the hit drama ‘Marry My Husband’. Their appearance on ‘Amazing Saturday’ is aimed at promoting this project, which has been immensely successful, garnering strong influence in several countries worldwide. However, the drama and Park Min Young, in particular, have faced some backlash. She has been embroiled in a controversy involving allegations of being financially supported by her ex-lover through illegitimate means.

Despite Park Min Young’s forthright denial of these accusations, her public appearances have been met with discomfort by a section of the audience. The announcement of her participation in ‘Amazing Saturday’, a show known for its humorous nature, has not been well-received by all. Some netizens believe that Park Min Young is ignoring the controversy, showing a lack of respect for the audience’s feelings. Koreaboo has even reported some harsh comments from Knet, suggesting Park Min Young is ‘shameless’.

Despite the criticism, ‘Marry My Husband’ continues to perform well. The drama’s ratings are rising, and it maintains impressive rankings on OTT platforms and various reputation charts. In the show, Park Min Young plays Ji Won, a woman who gets a chance to restart her life and seek revenge against those who wronged her.

The upcoming episode of ‘Amazing Saturday’ featuring Park Min Young and Na In Woo is highly anticipated, as it will reveal how the show addresses the current controversy, and whether it will impact the drama’s ongoing success.

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