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Park Min Young’s Portrait Before Surgery, Big Nose and Slanted Eyes, Makes It Really Troubled!

Korean actress Park Min Young is known as an artist who performs plastic surgery alias surgery. Plastic surgery is no longer a strange thing in Korea. Even so, the results are also uncertain. Because in addition to successful cases, there are also people who suffer because the results of the surgery are not as expected. However, it is undeniable that several Korean artists have improved their beauty and careers after plastic surgery. However, not all Korean artists have openly undergone surgery, even though surgery is joint.
They sometimes feel shy and want to be called beautiful early.
However, many artists are brave and openly admit that they have undergone surgery. One of them is a famous Korean actress, Park Min Young. According to KBIZoom, Park Min Young is probably the first name netizens think of plastic surgery. Because his old photo before changing his face with plastic surgery has also been widely circulated in cyberspace. Namely, when he was a child, Park Min Young’s face was very different from what it is now. Growing up, actually not much difference in his face now.
But in the past, his cheeks were chubby, his face was more prominent, and his nose and eyes looked slanted because they didn’t have eyelid folds. But now, his face is different and mangling. Park Min Young’s face is a little thinner. Her nose is sharper, her eyes are more prominent, and her chin is slightly proportional, so she looks more beautiful. To have such a shining beauty, this woman, close to Park Seo Joon, has undergone many surgeries. If you don’t know this fact, many people think that the actress starred in Forecasting Love and Weather did plastic surgery. Namely on the chin, nose, or eyelids overhauled for the better. According to additional information from Reel Run Down, Park Min Young had eyelid surgery while still in high school. Then he underwent cosmetic plastic surgery, an alias for beauty on his nose.
But Park Min Young had clarified that he had to undergo surgery on his nose because it had broken due to an accident. But now, because of the success of plastic surgery, her face also looks natural. This makes Park Min Young often referred to as the “Queen of Plastic Surgery” by the public. There is nothing wrong with Park Min Young’s decision to undergo plastic surgery so that her face looks more beautiful. Because everyone has the right to feel beautiful in their way and as long as it doesn’t harm others, including Park Min Young.



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