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Park Min Young’s Tattoo Appears During a Photoshoot Using a Tank Top, Its Shape Makes You Curious!

Park Min Young is one of the famous South Korean actresses in Indonesia.
Her beauty and talent in acting have made Park Min Young loved by fans.
Unfortunately, Park Min Young had become the target of blasphemy because he admitted to having plastic surgery.
The 37-year-old actress bluntly said she had dared to do plastic surgery since junior high school.
She had surgery on her eyelids and nose as well.
Park Min Young did not want to cover up this fact and said that plastic surgery is not a crime.
Even so, Park Min Young’s fans still give full support to the idol.
Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriend’s career in the entertainment world is also very bright.
She is known as one of the busy artists because she regularly returns with new dramas almost every year.
Even this year, Park Min Young took on two Korean drama projects.
The drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ aired earlier this year.
Meanwhile, the drama ‘MonWedFriTuesThursSat’ is currently in production and will soon be aired.
In addition to being an artist, Park Min Young is often a well-known brand ambassador.
Several years ago, the drama player ‘Her Private Life’ did a photo shoot with a famous jeans brand.
Park Min Young’s curves were really highlighted in the photo shoot.
One of them was when she wore a black tank top and skinny jeans.
But what caught the attention was Park Min Young’s tattoo which was clearly exposed.
The tattoo looks big on the shoulder. It is not known for sure the tattoo image of the actress.
But apparently, the tattoo is just temporary for shooting purposes and easy to remove.
Park Min Young’s beauty shines through in the photo.
She looks sexy even with simple clothes and long hair in a mess.
Her body often makes her envious, but Park Min Young has been worrying fans lately.
Because her body looks much thinner when starring in ‘Forecasting Love and Weather.’
Park Min Young also looks thinner in her photo upload on Instagram.
In the post, Park Min Young wore a plain black t-shirt showing her tiny arms.
Even though she was dressed, the decoration on her forehead added to the impression of grace and elegance.
Behind the fans’ praise in the comments column, some of them are worried about Park Min Young’s condition.
“You look thinner. Are you on a diet? Please eat regularly,” wrote a netizen.



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