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Park Seo Joon has curly blonde hair and is tall enough to resemble Ramen Noodles.

Park Seo Joon turned out to have dyed his hair blonde. What’s the portrait-like?
Park Seo Joon became famous thanks to starring in the drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.
He collided in acting with the beautiful actress Park Min Young. Their chemistry in the drama captivated the audience.
Because they match, Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young are considered dating in the real world.
But some time ago, Park Min Young confirmed that he was still single until now.
Park Seo Joon’s name was increasingly highlighted after starring in the drama Itaewon Class.
The slice of life genre drama tells about the struggles of a young boy named Park Sae Royi, played by Park Seo Joon, in achieving his dreams.
The character of Park Sae Royi, who grew full of revenge, was played well by Park Seo Joon.
Another exciting thing about the drama Itaewon Class is Park Seo Joon’s iconic hairstyle.
Park Seo Joon’s hair was cut with a chestnut hair model when he played Park Sae Royi.
This hairstyle is considered only suitable for the handsome Park Seo Joon.
Previously, Park Seo Joon had also appeared with a strange hairstyle.
In 2016, the actor, now 33 years old, dyed his slightly long hair blonde.
It surprised fans because Park Seo Joon looked different just because he dyed his hair. Even the hair is styled a bit curly and tangled.
Judging that it didn’t match his skin color, Park Seo Joon was immediately protested by the public.
Park Seo Joon’s blonde hair is a laughing stock on social media. Even the hair is considered similar to ramen noodles.
“Heol.. why does he have a bowl of ramen noodles on his head,” netizens.
“OMG What happened???” said another. “Oppa, return your hair as before,” said the netizen. “Oppa, the fall is tacky, please change your hair color again,” concluded another.
Not long after, Park Seo Joon dyed his hair black again.
It is known that Park Seo Joon made his debut in the acting world by starring in dramas in minor roles.
His acting began to be noticed when he joined the drama Kill Me Heal Me, which also starred Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum.
Even though he wasn’t the main character, Park Seo Joon’s presence gave color to the drama.
He plays the character of Oh Ri On, Oh Ri Jin’s half-brother. He has a crush on the figure of Ahn Yo Na.
Ahn Yo Na is another personality or altered ego of Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung), who suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID) or multiple personalities.
When Ahn Yo Na’s alter ego appears, Cha Do Hyun thinks he is a woman who acts flirtatious with Oh Ri On.
One of the most iconic scenes in the drama Kill Me, Heal Me is when Ahn Yo Na’s alter ego appears when Cha Do Hyun is at a cafe with Oh Ri On.
Ahn Yo Na then asked Oh Ri On to go after him even though Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) asked Oh Ri On to restrain Ahn Yo Na from wandering around.
Finally, there was a chase scene on the highway between Ahn Yo Na and Oh Ri On.
It turned out that the scene stole the attention of Ji Sung’s wife, Lee Bo Young.
Because of his curiosity about the scene, Lee Bo Young arrived directly at the filming location to see her husband’s pursuit of Park Seo Joon.



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