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Park Seo Joon opened up about the challenges he faces in his career, particularly the difficulty in turning down work.

South Korean actor Park Seo-joon, at 35, opened up about the challenges he faces in his career, particularly the difficulty in turning down work. During a live broadcast on YouTube’s ‘Channel 15 Night’, Seo-joon highlighted his fear and the tough decision-making process involved in rejecting project proposals. He noted that with the current 52-hour workweek system in South Korea, committing to a single project could take almost a year, making it hard to accept every good opportunity that comes his way.

The actor emphasized the importance of promptness in rejection, considering it disrespectful to keep producers waiting. He shared his insights on being labeled a “top star,” a term he finds less weighty than “actor.” For Seo-joon, the title of an actor holds significant weight and responsibility, and he expressed unease with being referred to as a top star.

Seo-joon also expressed immense gratitude towards his fans, acknowledging their unconditional support and love, which fuels his dedication to his work. He reflected on his relationship with his fans, who he doesn’t view as typical idol fandom but rather as a supportive community that inspires him.

Regarding his upcoming work, Seo-joon announced the release of the Netflix original series ‘Gyeongseong Creature’ on December 22nd. He admitted experiencing burnout during the two-year filming of the series, leading him to take a break to recuperate. Seo-joon also shared his off-screen hobbies, like reading scripts, watching unviewed movies and dramas, and playing screen golf, which he finds therapeutic.

Looking back on his career, which began in 2012 with the KBS2 drama ‘Dream High 2’, Seo-joon recalled his growth through various roles. He reminisced about his first significant role in the MBC weekend drama ‘Gold, Come on!’ (2013), which marked the end of his audition days due to its success and his rising popularity. Seo-joon’s journey through the industry is characterized by what he calls ‘step-step growth,’ gradually moving from supporting to leading roles.

Seo-joon’s collaboration with Uhm Jung-hwa in the tvN drama ‘Witch’s Love’ and his subsequent roles in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ and ‘She Was Pretty’ exemplify his steady ascent in the industry. As he looks to the future, Seo-joon is focused on showing new facets of his talent and continuing to evolve as an actor.

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