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Park Shin Hye and Song Hye Kyo’s Lucky Fate, Kim Ji Won is even popular if he becomes a supporting actor.

Korean drama lovers are indeed no stranger to the name Kim Ji Won.
Yes, Kim Ji Won is one of the actresses who has starred in many popular Korean drama titles.
Her beautiful face and slick acting talent successfully made her play with various characters. Not surprisingly, Kim Ji Won’s career continues to shine even though she only plays a supporting role. With her pure and beautiful appearance, Kim Ji Won managed to attract the attention of Lion Media when she was still in 9th grade.
Kim Ji Won was quickly recruited and nurtured by this company. During her training period, she learned many skills, from singing to acting and dancing. She was first introduced to the public on the SBS music show Inkigayo as a backup vocalist and later appeared in Younha’s MV, Gossip Boy.
Unfortunately, she had not caught the audience’s attention at that time. It took Kim Ji Won years to find the best place in the Korean entertainment industry. After years of trying but failing to succeed in the music industry, Kim Ji Won has finally changed her career goals.
In 2010, she made her debut as a model and appeared in various commercials. Thanks to her outstanding visuals in different CFs, she is remembered by the public as Oran C Girl, Lollipop Girl, or little Kim Tae Hee.
Then, Kim Ji Won made her acting debut in the drama Mrs. Saigon.
However, no matter how hard she worked at the time, the drama had not yet succeeded in making her name. Then, in 2011, he landed roles in the drama High Kick season 3, What’s Up?, and Romantic Heaven.
However, Kim Ji Won’s breakthrough role in these projects is still considered a failure.
Even more sadly, Kim Ji Won debuted earlier than other actors of the same age. Nevertheless, Kim Ji Won still needs years to achieve success. Kim Ji Won is considered a person who is late to develop to become a famous artist.
It took her a long time to be trusted as the female lead of a K-drama.
Kim Ji Won only got the leading role after successfully playing a supporting role. Like, in 2013, she got massive attention from the audience when she starred in The Heirs.
Playing the role of a rich and evil girl named Yoo Rachel, the audience was successfully impressed with her beauty, aura, and outstanding acting. Kim Ji Won also managed to steal the attention of the audience thanks to the help of the female lead, Park Shin Hye. However, after The Heirs, Kim Ji Won’s career still hasn’t reached its peak.
The reason is that some projects that starred after the drama were unsuccessful. As time passed, her career turned for the better when she participated in the drama Descendants of the Sun.
But again, Kim Ji Won plays the supporting role of female medical soldier Yoon Myung Ju.
Launching Asianwiki, Descendants of the Sun tells about the romance of women and men of different professions, namely doctors and soldiers. Starring Song Hye Kyo as doctor Kang Mo Yeon and Song Joong Ki who plays Yoo Si Jin, a Korean Army soldier who serves as a UN peacekeeping force.
This story begins with Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) trying to catch a thief with Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo).
Then, the thief was successfully paralyzed by the two soldiers. However, the thief was injured, and they took her to Haesung Hospital and finally met doctor Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo). Then, Shin Ji immediately fell in love with doctor Kang Mo Yeon.
However, doctor Kang Mo Yeon thinks Shi Jin is part of a criminal gang of thieves. Later, Shi Jin proves to doctor Kang Mo Yeon that she is a soldier with the help of army doctor Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won). After this work, Kim Ji Won’s name rose to the top in the Korean entertainment industry.
After successfully starring in supporting roles in Descendants of the Sun, she continuously managed to take part in famous works. Such as Fight For My Way, Arthdal ​​Chronicles, and most recently, My Liberation Notes. No wonder Kim Ji Won’s fame is again mentioned thanks to the help of the female lead Song Hye Kyo.
Not all of her works are accurate hits, but Kim Ji Won always has the opportunity to try out different roles with different colors. Finally, success made it better known to the audience.
Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won’s personal life is far from the media spotlight.
The only dating rumor about Kim Ji Won was ever heard in 2016. She was rumored to be dating the handsome actor Yoo Yeon Seok after starring in the film Horror Stories together.
The two were once caught having dinner together at a restaurant. But she constantly denied the rumors and insisted that they were just friends.



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