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Park Shin Hye Makes Up With Red Lipstick, The Charm of Pregnant Women Is Increasingly Seductive.

Park Shin Hye is indeed famous for her naturally beautiful face from birth. Since her debut as an actress in 2003, Park Shin Hye’s beauty has been seen.
Now that he is 3 heads, Park Shin Hye hasn’t changed much. Already beautiful since birth, Park Shin Hye also looks confident with a simple look and light makeup. The makeup chose by Choi Tae Joon’s wife often tends to be natural and flawless.
The star of the drama ‘The Heirs’ is arguably rarely wearing thick and bold makeup. Her natural and straightforward makeup makes her look youthful even though she is now a wife and mother-to-be. That doesn’t mean Park Shin Hye never wears heavy makeup at all.
If you look back, there is an old portrait of her when she used bold makeup with bright red lipstick. Park Shin Hye shared the portrait through her personal Instagram account, @ssinz7, in 2017.
Park Shin Hye’s appearance is slightly different from her usual style.
Park Shin Hye looks bright with bold makeup, red lipstick, and thick eyelashes.
She looks beautiful with a bright makeup style in a post shared with the hashtag Ellen Singapore.
The makeup was combined with a bright red dress with a large floral pattern and brocade details on the front. Her hairstyle is pulled back, and the front bangs are messy, making her aura shine even more.
Fans immediately stormed his Instagram page with various comments. Most of them praised Park Shin Hye’s visuals.
It is known that this Pinocchio drama player is amid a vacuum from the acting world after marrying actor Cho Tae Joo on January 22, 2022.
Now she is focusing on her child’s pregnancy, which is expected to be born in mid-2022.



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