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Park Shin Hye’s behavior is even more anxious, Choi Tae Joon’s wife is showing off a new hobby that looks like RM BTS.

Park Shin Hye is currently enjoying her pregnancy, entering the third trimester.
Park Shin Hye and her husband Choi Tae Joon will soon have the status of a young mama and papa.
Only a few months left, Park Shin Hye will undergo childbirth. She and her husband are even rumoured to have been looking for the best hospital for her delivery later.
One of the hospitals predicted to have been chosen is the Seoul National University Hospital.
Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye several times shared her activities through social media during her pregnancy.
As seen recently, The Heirs star posted a photo via his Instagram story @ssinz7 on 23 April.
In the photo she shared, Park Shin Hye holds a pack of bread that says Pokemon.
Choi Tae Joon’s wife unwrapped her bread and rushed to show off the Ddi-bu-ssil or the removable and affixed sticker that was the default gift from the Pokemon bun.
Park Shin Hye turned out to get a “Machoke” character sticker.
“I need to build muscle,” Park Shin Hye wrote as a caption for her photo that caught the attention of netizens.
Netizens suspect that this pregnant woman has a new hobby of collecting stickers in Pokemon buns.
Pokemon bread is an old school snack that was a hit in the 1990s. The bread is now back in production and is currently viral in South Korea.
Some Korean artists are even seen following the trend of the return of Pokemon buns and hunting for the stickers inside.
One artist obsessed with being a pokemon sticker collector is RM BTS and Kai EXO.
The BTS leader even asked friends and parents for help to buy Pokemon bread and see the stickers inside.
Unmitigated, RM even collected his sticker collection and stored it like how ARMY, BTS fans, collected their group photocards.
Seeing Park Shin Hye’s post made netizens remember RM’s hobby.
They even made a joke to get RM and Park Shin Hye to exchange stickers with each other and told the BTS rapper to share the results of his Pokemon sticker hunt with Park Shin Hye.
Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is currently focusing on prenatal education to prepare for the birth of her first child.
After getting married and pregnant with their child, Lee Min Ho’s co-star in the drama The Heirs also looks new by cutting his hair short.
It is also reported that she is pregnant with a baby boy. This was known from his best friend’s vlog, Uhm Ji Won, who had held a baby shower for Park Shin Hye.
A balloon that read “Hello Baby Boy” made many fans believe that Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon’s first child was a boy, while the two lovebirds did not provide any clarification regarding this.



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