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Park Yeon-soo Keeps a Keen Eye on Ex-Husband Song Jong-guk’s Son’s Activities.

Park Yeon-soo, a well-known actor, has recently caught the public’s attention by openly expressing her interest and support for her son Song Ji-wook’s activities. This interest was highlighted when she released a video of Ji-wook, initially reported by a netizen, showing a candid side of the young aspiring athlete.

In a statement made on January 21st, Park Yeon-soo referred to the importance of being aware of her son’s activities. “Warm and high-quality information sent to me via DM. Son, no matter what you do, mom knows everything,” she said, reflecting a mother’s inherent interest in her child’s life. Her continued engagement is evident in her remark, “I keep seeing him because of his body size,” emphasizing her close observation of Ji-wook’s growth and development.

The video shared by Yeon-soo offers a glimpse into Ji-wook’s personality and interests. It features him dancing energetically to a song and filming a short video. Despite being unpolished in his dance moves, Ji-wook’s enthusiasm is apparent and has garnered attention.

Park Yeon-soo also touched upon the athletic lineage of her children, mentioning Song Ji-wook’s aspirations in soccer and highlighting the ‘golden side’ of her daughter, Song Jia. This comment subtly acknowledges the talents and ambitions of both her children.

This interest in her son’s athletic career is not new. Previously, Park Yeon-soo shared that Ji-wook plans to follow in the footsteps of his father, former national soccer player Song Jong-guk, indicating a family tradition in sports. Her support for her son’s dream is steadfast, as she encourages him, saying, “Don’t get hurt.”

On a more personal note, Park Yeon-soo reflected on her own aspirations and experiences. She shared her past goal of becoming an actor and her subsequent regret over not being able to fulfill this dream. This personal insight adds depth to her understanding and support of her children’s ambitions.

Park Yeon-soo and soccer player Song Jong-guk were married in 2006 and had two children, Song Ji-ah and Song Ji-wook, before announcing their divorce in 2015. Since then, Park Yeon-soo has been raising her children as a single parent, demonstrating resilience and dedication in her personal life.

In conclusion, Park Yeon-soo’s active involvement and support in her son’s life, especially in his athletic endeavors, highlight the role of a supportive parent in nurturing and acknowledging their children’s dreams and talents. Her personal journey and the challenges she has faced add to the narrative of a mother fully invested in the well-being and success of her children.

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