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Peek at Son Ye Jin’s Busy Cooking Action in the Kitchen, Pregnant Face Still Beautiful Even Without Makeup!

On March 31, Son Ye Jin entered a new chapter in her life.
That day, she was married to a handsome actor, Hyun Bin, at a hotel in Seoul.
The wedding was held privately and lavishly in the presence of close family and friends. The marriage of the two top South Korean artists is said to be one of the most horrendous weddings in 2022. Shortly after getting married, Son Ye Jin announced her pregnancy.
She revealed the happy news through her personal Instagram account. Son Ye Jin admitted that she was worried and happy that she would soon become a mother. Some time ago, she also shared photos of food on Instagram.
It turned out that the food was the result of her cooking. Son Ye Jin loves Korean home cooking even more without having strange cravings. The daily life of the 41-year-old actress after becoming a wife has always attracted the attention of fans.
Son Ye Jin, who is good at cooking, makes fans curious about the idol’s style when in the kitchen. The Twitter account @LampPost150 appears to have uploaded a portrait of Son Ye Jin while cooking in the kitchen.
Not a new photo, this photo was taken and shared on April 26, 2020.
Son Ye Jin looks simple with no makeup face. Her hair was just a messy ponytail. She wore a long-sleeved shirt and was busy preparing food in the kitchen.
It is not known what the drama ‘Personal Taste’ player is cooking. But fans were enthusiastic to see Son Ye Jin’s portrait in the kitchen. “Wow, this photo with her friend at home. She is very good at cooking!” wrote netizens. “Wife materials!!” another compliment.
“Domesticated wife indeed,” said netizens.
Revealed by Lee Min Jung, Son Ye Jin is good at cooking. Lee Min Jung once shared the results of Son Ye Jin’s cooking.
At that time, Lee Min Jung invited Son Ye Jin to the house to eat together.
The photo shows Son Ye Jin’s cooking results in the form of pasta, meat to, potato, and tomato pancakes.
“Son Ye Jin’s home cooking,” wrote Lee Min Jung.



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