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Peek at Son Ye Jin’s Charming in White Brocade, Stunning Completely Beautiful: Sneak Peak Wedding Dress?

Son Ye Jin is known to have last uploaded a photo on her Instagram on February 10 last. At that time, Son Ye Jin’s upload was an exciting announcement about her wedding plans with her lover, Hyun Bin. Rumors say that the end of March is when Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s wedding will occur. However, the two brides-to-be have not provided exact information for the date. The closer the time is, Son Ye Jin is getting busier with all her wedding preparations. No wonder maybe she forgot to upload photos on his Instagram account. Until last Saturday (5/3), Hyun Bin’s future wife finally posted a photo on her account.
The photo uploaded is a photo of her sitting in a white dress. If you look closely, the dress seems to be made of brocade. Meanwhile, at the bottom, it looks like a tutu skirt. Wearing a white dress, Son Ye Jin looks even more beautiful. The aura of the bride and groom is increasingly visible. Many netizens got the wrong idea. They thought that Son Ye Jin was wearing a prospective wedding dress that she would wear later. Even after being investigated, it turned out that the dress that Son Ye Jin was wearing was clothing from the Valentino brand. This is known from Son Ye Jin’s caption, who promoted the brand. The caption on Son Ye Jin’s photo reads, “Enjoy Valentino’s Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Show on March 6 at 11 pm.
Valentino 22.23 FW fashion show. Watch the fashion show on March 6 at 11 pm KR Direct from Paris.” If Son Ye Jin’s white dress is just stunning, how will it be when she wears an actual wedding dress at her wedding, right?



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