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Playing in Drama The Glory, Song Hye Kyo As If Answering Netizen Criticism.

After her divorce from Song Joong Ki, the comeback drama starring Song Hye Kyo has never been free from scathing criticism from Korean netizens. Many commented that Hye Kyo’s acting skills were stagnant, there was no development, and her drama ratings were declining.
This caused many viewers in South Korea to feeling bored and less excited about Song Hye Kyo’s latest projects. Netizens responded to her latest drama, entitled The Glory, which will be broadcast on Netflix, with scepticism.
In the drama, The Glory, the character that Song Hye Kyo will play is quite different from some of the characters she has played before. This is quite a challenge for him to make her new image stronger.
1. The Glory, her first thriller drama
In The Glory, Song Hye Kyo plays the character, Moon Dong Eun. A high school boy who dreams of becoming an architect is forced to drop out due to bullying by Park Yeon Jin, played by Lim Ji Yeon. In this drama, Moon Dong Eun spends most of her life organizing revenge against her bullies.
Song Hye Kyo is paired with Lee Do Hyun, who plays the character Joo Yeo Jung. A man always seems happy and cheerful but harbours a complicated past behind it.
“This is my first thriller and revenge drama. Due to the production style and characters that are opposite to what I’ve done up to this point, I’m looking forward to new expressions and emotions while acting,” said Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.
2. Decades of acting, Song still feels worried and troubled
Quoting from Soompi, the actress nicknamed the Queen of Melodrama admitted that even though she has been in the acting world for a long time, she still feels nervous about the new role she will play. Song admitted that he felt difficult and worried while acting.
“I’ve been acting for a long time; even so, I’m always nervous. I am getting older, and the characters are also getting older like me. I have to be able to express it well; that’s why acting is becoming more and more difficult,” said the actress who was once a co-star. Played Hyun Bin in the Worlds Within.
It is only natural for Song Hye Kyo to feel because she has only played in romantic dramas in the last ten years. The Queen of Melodrama is good at managing tears and emotions, so the audience is swept away.
However, if characters like this continue, it’s natural for the audience to get bored. Such as the character of a beautiful and kind girl, a successful career woman, a woman who is not interested in love and so on. Almost all of the characters have the same motive.
3. Despite playing a new type of drama and character, Song Hye Kyo is still flooded with criticism
Again, Song Hye Kyo was hit by Korean netizens when the players in the drama The Glory were revealed. Revealed by Kdrama Stars, this netizen criticism was directed at the selection of Lee Do Hyun as the male lead, who is 14 years younger than Song Hye Kyo.
It is undeniable indeed that at the age of 41 years, Song Hye Kyo still looks like a woman in her 20s. Beautiful and youthful, the charm does not fade. However, according to netizens, the age difference that far would seem strange if forced to be paired. However, it is unknown whether there will be a love interest between the two.
4. Often criticized for playing opponents who are always much younger
According to KBIZoom, it’s not the first time Song Hye Kyo has starred in a drama with a younger co-star. Like one of them is Now We’re Breaking Up with co-star Jang Ki Young who is 11 years apart in age. Then, in the drama Encounter with co-star Park Bo Gum who is 12 years apart.
Even when she met her ex-husband, Song Joong Ki, she was also four years younger. Seeing this pattern makes netizens hot to criticize the selection of a male partner in Song Hye Kyo’s drama project. Here are some netizen comments:
Song Hye Kyo will never escape criticism if she continues to play with younger opponents.
Song Hye Kyo always gets dating rumours from her co-stars. Is this a trend or what?
Is she trying to find a second Song, Joong Ki?
Song Hye Kyo never changes her image; the type of character is always the same, only the acting partner is different.
It’s been years, and I haven’t seen any progress in her acting.
5. Chances are, Lim Ji Yeon will steal Song Hye Kyo’s spotlight
Netizens’ scepticism about Song Hye Kyo’s career led to rumours about the description of the drama The Glory later. One is the possibility that Lim Ji Yeon will steal the spotlight from Song Hye Kyo in the drama. Lim Ji Yeon is known for her sexy and seductive roles that leave viewers unblinking.
She has also won Best Actress at the MBC Drama Awards. With her charm, some netizens predict that spot.



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