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Possible Reunion of Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho, and Suzy Lee Seung Gi’s Wedding.

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s wedding has been set on April 7 at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel. What fans are now debating is who will be among the invited guests for their wedding.
Lee Seung Gi is well-known in the entertainment world for having a large number of acquaintances and relatives. The reason for this is because, in addition to being a singer and actor, the guy born in 1987 was also a member of variety programs and a TV show presenter.
The names Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho, and Suzy were named the most among the numerous forecasts of invited guests that attended Lee Seung Gi’s wedding. The reason for this is because Park Min Young and Suzy are both Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriends.
Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho dated after falling in love with the “City Hunter” setting. They did, however, announce that they split up in January 2012. Lee Min Ho was revealed to be dating Suzy in 2015, and they split up in November 2017.
Then, all three are known to be good friends with Lee Seung Gi. The first is Park Min Young, who used to work at Hook Entertainment with Lee Seung Gi. They’re also tight since they’re both on Netflix’s “Busted!” show.
Suzy is up next, having worked with Lee Seung Gi on the 2013 drama “Gu Family Book” for the first time. Following that, the two collaborated again on “Vagabond” in 2019. They are said to remain pals even now.
Finally, Lee Min Ho is a close buddy of Lee Seung Gi. Lee Min Ho also made amusing remarks about Lee Seung Gi’s wedding photo. “What? Is this the scenario in which Lee Seung Gi sings “Will You Marry Me?” “Lee Min Ho put pen to paper.
Although Lee Seung Gi is likely to be asked to his wedding, it is unclear if the three of them will be able to attend due to celebrities’ notoriously demanding schedules. The public, on the other hand, is really excited about the three of them reconnecting there.



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