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Posting disrespectfully to Jisoo and Lisa (BLACKPINK), Rolling Stone Korea must apologize.

On July 11, the article about BLACKPINK posted by Rolling Stone Korea aroused many controversies in the fan community. Last June, BLACKPINK was honored to become the first Asian girl group on the cover of this world’s leading music magazine, making fans proud. However, the Korean Rolling Stone post made the fans of two members, Lisa and Jisoo, angry because they used words that meant disrespect and even discrimination against the two female idols. Specifically, talking about Jisoo, Rolling Stone wrote that BLACKPINK’s eldest sister has no outstanding talent in the group: “Although she does not possess the most outstanding talent in the group as a vocalist or dancer, her maturity is she was clearer.” The implication of the sentence is to compare Jisoo with other members and reduce her overall talent. As for the youngest Lisa, Korean Rolling Stone used two phrases with many sensitive meanings: “exotic” and “kinks.” Fans pointed out these words with the discriminatory purpose behind the newspaper for Lisa because she is a foreign idol. The term “exotic” literally translates to strange. Using the phrase “exotic appearance” to describe people would be a disrespectful word that ancient Westerners used to refer to women of color. With the word “kinks,” many fans analyze Rolling Stone using this word to describe Lisa’s pronunciation not fluently, implying that she is a foreigner. Immediately after the controversy broke out, the huge fan base of the two BLACKPINK members immediately pushed the trend on Twitter to ask Rolling Stone Korea to make an explanation and apologize to the idol. Hashtags about Lisa and Jisoo take turns taking the top spot on Twitter globally. Facing fierce protests from fans, on the evening of July 12, Rolling Stone Korea had to correct the information and apologize to the two YG artists.



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