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“Pregnant mother” Son Ye Jin still actively does this in the first months of pregnancy

It has been more than a month since Son Ye Jin officially announced her first pregnancy with her husband, Hyun Bin. All activities of Son Ye Jin have always been of public interest.
Recently, residents intentionally discovered that, despite being in the first month of pregnancy, Hyun Bin’s wife is still actively surfing social networking sites. “Pregnant mother” Son Ye Jin also did not forget to “release her heart” and leave comments under the posts of close sisters such as Song Yoon Ah, Gong Gyo Jin, Lee Jung Hyun, Oh Yoon Ah…
Specifically, in the post to celebrate the 100th day of the beautiful daughter Lee Jung Hyun’s age, Son Ye Jin quickly “released her heart” and commented, “Congratulations on the 100th day – beautiful princess”. Lee Jung Hyun also thanked her best friend, “Thank you, Aunt Ye Jin.”
One month ago, Son Ye Jin officially announced her pregnancy through a long letter on her page. Unlike other artists in the Kbiz world, Son Ye Jin almost does not go through the management company to publish her private information.
Instead, his wife Hyun Bin always personally announces her good news to fans with letters on her page. From dating, marriage to pregnancy, Son Ye Jin revealed herself. This makes Son Ye Jin’s image in the public eye even more beautiful.



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