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Pregnant Son Ye Jin Shopping for Vegetables at the Market, So Fashionable That She Thinks It’s a Fashion Show.

Son Ye Jin, pregnant with her first child with Hyun Bin, looks fashionable and elegant even though she’s just shopping for vegetables at a market.
Three months after getting married on March 31, 2022, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin gave happy information.
Through uploads on her personal Instagram, Son Ye Jin said she was pregnant with her first child. “A new life has come to us. I’m still very nervous, but I feel the changes in my body every day with joy. As well to my gratitude, I also feel full of caution. So, I haven’t told anyone here. around me.” Write to Son Ye Jin on June 27, 2022, at @yejijnhand. Happiness enveloped all Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin fans all over the world. They can’t wait for the arrival of BinJin Junior to the world.
Therefore, Son Ye Jin gets prayers and support to keep herself and the baby healthy.
After announcing the pregnancy, fans are also enthusiastic about Son Ye Jin’s activities. Answering the curiosity of her fans, Son Ye Jin shared moments of a pregnant woman’s activities on Instagram.
The beautiful 40-year-old actress showed off the results of her cooking that looked very beautiful and delicious. Son Ye Jin is indeed known as one of the celebrities who are good at cooking. Son Ye Jin often uploaded the results of her cooking on social media several times, even before she married Hyun Bin. If your hobby is cooking, Son Ye Jin often goes to the market to buy food ingredients.
An old photo from her personal Instagram shows Son Ye Jin’s activities while walking in a market. The place was known as a market because Son Ye Jin was in front of a table with a lot of fruit and vegetables. It is known that the location of the market is overseas because it appears that several foreigners are around Son Ye Jin.
But even though she was in the market, Son Ye Jin did not forget that she was a big star. She appeared in a white long-sleeved shirt with thin black stripes that showed her upper body curves.
Son Ye Jin also wore long jeans and a jacket wrapped around her waist, adding to a fashionable impression.
Sunglasses and luxury watches were Son Ye Jin’s preferred accessories on that occasion. Son Ye Jin’s beauty and star aura cannot be separated even though she is in the market. Like being stylish on a fashion show stage, Son Ye Jin makes a laughing pose while holding her cellphone while being photographed.
Wow, this pregnant woman is so beautiful. Shopping at the market feels like walking on the catwalk, Son Ye Jin.



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