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Prodigy Lisa BLACKPINK is a Prodigy Child, Has Been Learning Choreography Since the Age of 5 Years So She Can Memorize Once See.

Who doesn’t know BLACKPINK’s Lisa now?
Hailing from Thailand, Lisa successfully debuted as a member of one of the world’s most famous female K-Pop groups, BLACKPINK.
Lisa’s name is hailed by fans worldwide because of a series of extraordinary talents.
Lisa is the principal dancer and lead rapper in the BLACKPINK group.
That means that Lisa is not only good at rapping but also stands out when it comes to dancing.
Even Lisa’s dancing talent has been seen since childhood.
Lisa revealed this in an interview with fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea on July 15, 2022.
On that occasion, Lisa not only did a photo shoot but also told her journey to become the most popular K-Pop idol.
Quoting Allkpop, Sunday, July 17, 2022, in the interview, Lisa admitted that she had loved singing and dancing since childhood.
Knowing her daughter’s talent, the mother sent her child to dance lessons.
So Lisa started learning choreography when she was five years old.
No wonder she can memorize the choreography just a few times.
Even though she has studied since she was a child, the trainee period is also not easy to go through for Lisa.
However, she was confident about debuting and said she enjoyed the monthly test at YG Entertainment.
Lisa’s belief has come true.
Lisa finally debuted with Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo in the BLACKPINK group in 2016.
Then last year, she debuted as a solo singer with the release of the album LALISA.
The Money singer admitted that she was initially worried about her solo debut but slowly became convinced of success after repeated practice.
Now Lisa also admits that she is delighted with the success of her solo debut album.
Regarding plans, Lisa and her friends are currently preparing for their return.
As quoted from Soompi, YG Entertainment has announced that BLACKPINK will make a comeback in August 2022.
They are currently in the final stages of recording their new album.
Then this month, they shot the music video for their comeback single.
Here will be BLACKPINK’s first comeback after waiting for one year and ten months since the release of The ALBUM in 2020.
Fans must be impatient to discover the new concept they will bring in their comeback later.



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