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Questioning Song Hye Kyo “refurbished” her beauty under pressure from her ex-husband.

After the divorce of Song Joong Ki, both the career and beauty of Song Hye Kyo went up and down erratically. Not only that, but the beauty born in 1981 also had to endure a lot of pressure when she was constantly compared to her ex-husband by netizens. The actress made many people whisper about her strange beauty in the video clip promoting The Glory project. It can be seen that Song Hye Kyo’s face shows quite a few signs of age. The lines are somewhat unnatural. Besides, the new hair also makes her face many defects.
Not stopping there, many rumors are claiming that Song Hye Kyo has “restored” to keep her youth. Originally considered a “beauty monument” of the land of kimchi, 8X beauties have fallen without breaking. Therefore, many fans were disappointed with the idol’s appearance in this screen comeback. It is also possible that because of losing weight with a strict regimen, the star Descendants of the Sun became lifeless, affecting his gifted visual.
Not long ago, Song Hye Kyo also showed off her youthful appearance and energetic spirit through photos to welcome the new age next to her pet. At that time, the actress made countless teenage girls jealous. She may have been a bit out of shape due to the tight schedule and mental stress of returning to a new movie. Song Hye Kyo will not want to take medical measures to lose her inherently beautiful title and many contracts with big fashion brands.
Since Song Joong Ki’s Reborn Rich was released and brought back many “terrible” achievements, Song Hye Kyo has been constantly mocked and ridiculed by the online community. After 3 years of going their separate ways, while Song Joong Ki actively renewed himself through a series of roles, Song Hye Kyo almost stood still because of choosing a script that lacked depth; acting did not improve. The most recent is the not-so-successful TV project – Now, We Are Breaking Up. This is the movie that pulls the reputation of the “rating queen” of the Song family down a notch.



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