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Ready for Hollywood debut, take a peek at the luxury home of artist Lee Min Ho in California.

Even though it’s only a temporary residence, artist Lee Min Ho’s house in California is quite interesting to know.
You see, artist Lee Min Ho’s house in California is no less luxurious than his residence in South Korea.
Well, for those who are curious, fans can take a peek at the appearance of Lee Min Ho’s house in LA on his personal YouTube.
The house has wooden floors and is very spacious. Almost all the walls are painted white. Especially for the kitchen, there is a touch of gray.
The kitchen table and dining table are made of beige marble.
The interesting thing about Lee Min Ho’s house is that it has a balcony that is used as a place to relax.
There, he ate a banana while enjoying the beautiful view from above.
Lee Min Ho’s house also has many glass windows so that sunlight can enter from various directions.
Various kinds of paintings are displayed on the walls to add to the artistic impression.
It is not known exactly how many floors the house has. But the house where Lee Min Ho lived seemed to have three floors.
Of the many rooms, Lee Min Ho has a bedroom downstairs. The rooms look comfortable and warm, equipped with various luxurious facilities such as televisions.
Lee Min Ho is making his Hollywood debut through the Pachinko series, adapted from the novel of the same name by Lee Min Jin.
This drama tells the hopes and dreams of four generations of Korean immigrant families.
Their story begins with forbidden love and then progresses to a journey between Korea, Japan, and America.
This drama will also tell the story of war, peace, love, loss, victory, and reckoning.
Lee Min Ho will play Hansu, an enigmatic outsider and merchant.
He is suspected of having ties to organized crime, which sparked an illicit love affair.
The series will be written by Soo Hugh (The Whispers), who also serves as executive producer.
Kogonada and Justin Chon fill the bench for the director of the Pachinko series.

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