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Ready to play a new drama after being hit by a bullying scandal, Nam Joo Hyuk gets hit by a netizen.

After his name was caught in a bullying scandal, Nam Joo Hyuk will finally return to the small screen. Previously, Nam Joo Hyuk was accused of bullying at school.
However, Nam Joo Hyuk’s management SOOP has denied all the accusations. The agency also threatened to take legal action against the reporter and media who first published the issue to protect Nam Joo Hyuk’s image. After the case subsided, Nam Joo Hyuk returned to his activities and prepared to play a new drama.
Nam Joo Hyuk is known to star in a drama titled Vigilante, quoted from the Kdramastars page on Friday, August 5, 2022. On social media, photos of Nam Joo Hyuk on the set of Vigilante began to spread. The Twenty Five star Twenty One was seen wearing a police uniform, following his role as Kim Ji Yong.
Kim Ji Yong is a student at the police academy who turns into a vigilante. He takes revenge after his mother was murdered by a local gangster when he was young. Following the circulation of Nam Joo Hyuk’s photo on the set of the drama series Vigilante, fans and netizens were excited on Twitter. Many fans were happy to see Nam Joo Hyuk return to the small screen playing a different role. On the other hand, many netizens are surprised to see Nam Joo Hyuk has been busy filming after being hit by a bullying scandal, as quoted from People’s Mind.
“So he’s just going to continue filming?”
“Is the school bullying controversy over?”
“I guess the controversy isn’t over yet, and they’re still filming.”
“I’m surprised they continued filming even though the legal issues with the bullying haven’t been resolved,” commented netizens.
Vigilante itself is adapted from the popular webtoon of the same title.
Besides Nam Joo Hyuk, this drama will also star Lee Joon Hyuk, who will play Cho Kang OK.
Meanwhile, Yoo Ji Tae, who graduated from Money Heist Korea, will play Cho Heon, the head of the investigation team at the Metropolitan Investigation Unit.
Then Kim So Jin, the star of Through the Darkness, will play Choi Mi Ryeo.
The drama is scheduled to air in 2023, but it is still undecided whether it will be broadcast on OTT platforms or broadcast networks.



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