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Reborn Rich by Song Joong Ki: Lee Sung Min went crazy, viewership reached 21%

According to Nielsen Korea’s figures, episode 11 of the film “Reborn Rich” aired on December 11 in the evening with an average national rating of 21.1%.
This success grew by 2.8% as compared to the previous episode (episode 10, which had an 18.3% rating), aiding the drama in breaking its previous audience record and rising to the top of the uncommon cable dramas. Hoi is ranked in the top 2.
The episode continued to hold the record for being the top rated cable drama in 2022 and also dominated the ratings of other cable shows in the same time slot (up to now).
As a result, “Reborn Rich” now has the highest rating, which is just 0.6% lower than “Crash Landing on You,” which currently has the third-highest rating in cable station history. 21.7%).
In particular, the episode provides viewers with a number of fresh revelations after the collision between two grandchildren, Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min), and Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki).
So, thanks to the driver’s assistance, both people avoided a sad end. Do Joon later discovered through his investigation that the accident was deliberately committed by someone to murder both himself and his grandpa. He is also motivated to live in order to exact retribution because of this.
“Yoon Hyun Woo died at your hands because of my prior existence. I can no longer perish at your hands in this life since I was reborn as Jin Do Joon. I must survive. I will live and discover the solution whatever “said he.
President Jin and Do Joon instructed the doctor to fabricate information regarding their present state in order to learn who was responsible for the disaster. So, while the couple’s health was still steady in the hospital, members of the Soonyang family were talking about inheritance outside.
All first suspicions were focused on Jin Yang Chul’s three children, Jin Young Gi (Yoon Je Moon), Jin Dong Gi (Jo Han Chul), and Jin Hwa Young (Kim Shin Rok), but surprisingly, it was none other than the genuine grandson Jin Sung Joon who was going to use the issue to his own advantage (Kim Nam Hee).
Jin Yang Chul was astonished to find that the oldest grandchild had hired the accident’s perpetrator and given him a renowned folk painting from Mo Hyun Min’s (Park Ji Hyun) gallery as payment. to insanity
He even lost track of who Jin Do Hoon was because he was terrified to hear that his nephew planned to murder him. “No, it isn’t, Didn’t he intend to murder me? Be quick. Scat. Get out from here “Chairman Jin yelled hysterically.
This is regarded as the incident that elevates the movie’s conclusion to the top. Many people praised Lee Sung Min’s performance for giving viewers chills while yet being empathetic.
Every time Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Bin) appears, the show continues to stir up controversy. The emotional passages between Seo and Jin are still seen as being superfluous in light of the story.



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