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Reborn Rich episode 10: Shin Hyun Bin investigates Song Joong Ki

Jin Hwa Young (Kim Shin Rok) refuted all claims of misappropriation and misuse of public money at the shareholder meeting of Soonyang Trade Center at the conclusion of the previous episode.
She also accused Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) of passing false information to prosecutor Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Bin) in order to lower the company’s stock price.
“To be able to steal me of my stock, which they have as collateral.” As a result, he is now a significant stakeholder in Soonyang Trade Center,” stated Jin Hwa Young.
Instead of responding, Jin Do Joon said that he had proof that director Jin had really embezzled. However, finance director Im Myeong Sook, who agreed to testify for him, abruptly vanished. This is seen as a disadvantage for Jin Yang Chul’s youngest grandchild (Lee Sung Min).
In tonight’s episode, information from the future doesn’t appear to be helping Jin Do Joon any more. Not only that, but he was also urged to help with the prosecution since there was evidence that he submitted false information.
“We got a complaint,” said Seo Min Young’s coworker. One of the stock price manipulators is a three-generation conglomerate family member. Rich individuals are usually greedier.”
Jin Young Gi (Yoon Je Moon), Jin Dong Gi (Jo Han Chul) want to impress President Jin by taking advantage of his nephew who is in a terrible situation.
Jin Young Gi submitted an idea to establish a holding firm to his father during a chat. He considers the manufacturing sector to be “dead.” It’s now time to go live in the loan industry.
“That’s accurate,” Jin Dong Gi said. Soonyang Group will be owned by the owner of the holding company.”
Simultaneously, Jin Dong Gi followed out his own strategy, which included the purchase of Miracle, in which his grandson Do Joon is a key stakeholder. “The trial is not merely taking place in court. Soonyang Investment Company will purchase Miracle Investment. And this will be an excellent chance for Miracle,” he speculated.
In another development, Jin Yang Chul’s confidence in his grandson is fading. “Do you think I believe in you, Joon?” he said. On the other side, he is preoccupied with his second son: “If he thinks like me, then Dong Ki sitting in my seat isn’t that awful.”



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