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Reborn Rich episode 13 hits a new viewing record: Song Joong Ki left empty-handed when his grandfather died?

After episode 12 had calmed down, Reborn Rich immediately recovered his form and even set a new record. The movie rating has increased to 22.5% (up 2.7%), putting it among the top three cable dramas in Korea.
Episode 13 begins with President Jin Yang Cheol concerned about the survival of Soonyang’s automobiles, and Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) openly discussing the fact that Soonyang’s cars are not marketable at the moment. He also wanted him to relinquish power over Apollo automobiles to himself, with the assurance that no one would believe Chairman Jin’s Soonyang car goals were impossible or arbitrary. Do Joon has devised a strategy to fulfill this aim, taking advantage of the impending 2002 World Cup since he thinks Korea will reach the semi-finals. However, the Soonyang Card firm refuses to collaborate on the development of the group’s automobile.
In another incident, when the president confused his granddaughter-in-law for Yoon Ki’s mother (ie Do Joon’s grandmother), Mo Hyun Min realized that her husband’s grandpa was crazy. He said that Yoon Ki will be the heir. When Do Joon arrived and saw the issue, he promptly removed his grandpa. Then he was astonished when his grandpa requested him to sell Soonyang automobiles instead of continuing to produce Apollo cars, despite the fact that this had been his lifetime passion. When Do Joon learned of this, he persisted and made a wager with his grandpa.
Immediately after that, despite the fact that the 2002 World Cup had barely begun, Do Joon posted banners everywhere praising Korea on its first triumph, with a photo of Soonyang’s automobile attached. And, indeed, Korea has the benefit of having magnificent triumphs, easily advancing to the semi-finals, Soonyang automobiles are also fragrant, establishing a record since the income is too big.
Chairman Jin died unexpectedly not long after getting the joyful news from his grandson, much to the amazement of the whole family. This is also the period when President Jin’s sole granddaughter, Jin Ye Joon, comes home. Having a big family is also when the will is made public. And this will was only updated before the chairman’s death, according to which each individual would get a share of the company’s stock or real estate, with the exception of Do Joon, who will receive nothing. Everyone is perplexed since, prior to this, Do Joon was on the verge of taking over Soonyang. Do Joon is also quite restricted since he has no idea what his grandpa is thinking.
After the will was disclosed, the formal heir had not been identified, so the president’s wife had to immediately divulge, disclosing that she owns 17% of Soonyang Insurance, which may greatly assist. One of his two sons was elected president. Meanwhile, Do Joon’s father want to sue and claim Do Joon’s inheritance rights since only then would the youngest son have a chance to succeed at the shareholders’ meeting. Do Joon is opposed to this since it would tell the narrative of his grandfather’s delirium; nonetheless, Do Joon still want to safeguard his grandfather’s honor.
There is no requirement for inheritance rights since Do Joon obtains an extra share of shares from his grandmother’s hand. Do Joon conveniently pushed the chairman’s wife to give up the shares because Seo Min Young uncovered proof linking Ms. Lee Pil Ok to the death of her husband and youngest grandson. Ms. Lee’s oldest son went to Min Young immediately after discovering that his mother had given shares to her nephew who was not connected by blood.



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