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Reborn Rich Episode 14 Preview: Song Joong Ki was secretly granted a “awful” fortune by President Jin in the movie Reborn Rich episode 14?

Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) was successful in advertising and raising sales of Soonyang’s new Apollo automobile model in Reborn Rich episode 13. As a result, Joon wishes to demonstrate his accomplishment to President Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min), but his grandpa has departed the temporary world. Previously, when President Jin wrote his will, his granddaughter-in-law Mo Hyun Min (Park Ji Hyun) discovered his sickness by mistaking her for Yoon Ki’s mother (Yoon Ki is the youngest son, father of Yoon Ki).
President Jin speculated that Yoon Ki’s mother blamed him for ignoring her son. As a result, he will abandon Soonyang to Yoon Ki. Mo Hyun Min immediately told his grandma Lee Pil Ok (Kim Hyun) to halt everything before it was too late.
Chairman Jin’s will was made public after his death. While everyone is entitled to benefits, Jin Do Joon, his youngest grandson whom he adores, receives nothing.
In the last episode of Reborn Rich, Yoon Ki revealed that he was the one who used his son to reclaim 17% of Soonyang’s shares. Yoon Ki wants to make the footage public while President Jin is comatose in the hospital. Do Joon, however, asked that the recording be removed in order to preserve his grandfather’s dignity. “I was mistaken about you not fitting in with the Jin family,” Do Joon stated.
Mrs. Lee Pil Ok agreed to hand back 17% of Do Joon’s shares to his youngest nephew in order to avoid being examined by the prosecution as the cause of the disaster.
The movie “Reborn Rich 13” aired with the highest rating since its launch, achieving 22.5% (up 2.7% from the previous episode), according to Nielsen Korea. Reborn Rich has officially topped the drama “Crash Landing on Hyun Bin’s brother, Son Ye Jin” (rating 21.7%) to gain third position in the list with the highest rating in history. The film trails only The World of the Married (rating 28.4%) and SKY Castle (rating 23.8%). Notably, the Top 3 are all JTBC films.
Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) and his lover Seo Min Young had a heated confrontation in Reborn Rich episode 14. “You will become more wicked in order to preserve that position,” Seo Min Young warned Do Joon.
While the struggle for control within the family intensified, Do Joon got a “awful gift” from President Jin. Will Seo Min Young be able to persuade her lover to confess the truth about the car accident? What is the grandfather’s “awful” inheritance to his grandson?



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