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Reborn Rich episode 14: When two Song Joong Ki debuted at the same moment, audience figures unexpectedly jumped.

“Reborn Rich” episode 14 continues to break through with tremendous charm, reaching a new record in audience numbers. This time, the rating rose to 24.9%, propelling the drama to the top of Korea’s list of cable dramas with the greatest ratings. Will the maknae win the World of Marriage’s top spot with just two episodes remaining?
At the beginning of episode 14, after receiving 17% of Soonyang Insurance shares from his grandmother, Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) discreetly enabled her to travel overseas to dodge police investigation. Because of this, Min Young (Shin Hyun Bin) is highly disappointed in her lover, the relationship between her and Do Joon is on the edge of rupture.
The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions. Secretary Lee stabbed Do Joon in the back just before the vote. Sung Joon specifically sent a message regarding Do Joon messing up in his grandfather’s sick room. Do Joon disputed it right away, but he couldn’t defend himself when secretary Lee publicly said that Do Joon had earlier demanded that all CCTV at the hospital be deleted. As a consequence, Head of Department Lee was named Director of Finance Company. However, he did not realize that Sung Joon would eventually stab him in the back to take over Soonyang Finance.
Losing Soonyang’s riches was not a major concern for Do Joon since shortly after he took advantage of his uncle-in-law, causing the Soonyang firm to suffer. Mayor Choi, in particular, held a news conference to criticize the separation of enterprises legislation and specifically targeted Soonyang, claiming that this organization had founded Soonyang Finance to promote the unlawful inheritance process. Immediately, Soonyang Finance was canceled, the Jin brothers faced a loss of 1000 billion to pay inheritance tax.
Do Joon also gets a USB key and a key from his grandpa at the same time. This is his inheritance: the ghost corporation Micro Project, which houses Soonyang’s dark money, was also responsible for Do Joon’s death when he was Hyun Woo.
Do Joon suddenly sells Soonyang Cards in order to maintain control of Soonyang. The Soonyang brothers hastened to battle each other for the Soonyang Card, and Dong Ki and his uncle had to invest 1.6 billion won, 800 billion in advance with C&T Sooyang shares. After that, Do Joon also promised to get a share of the money from the dark fund and instantly Dong Ki fell into a trap, providing the youngest grandson the contact information of a person who used to work for the late president. Soon after, the card crisis came out, and Soonyang card went bankrupt, something Do Joon was previously aware of.
Do Joon did not obtain the entire 800 billion from the transaction as a result of Soonyang Card’s bankruptcy, but this was not a major concern since he was going for C&T shares. As a result, the elder uncle Young Ki went to Do Joon and pretended to be an honest guy, claiming that he would purchase back shares of C&T to enable his nephew have an additional source of income. And, surprise, Do Joon exclaimed the price was 1.6 billion instead of the initial 800 billion.
Episode 14 finishes with the arrival of Hyun Woo in a pitiful appearance as he has to work hard to make a livelihood and his younger sibling. Do Joon suddenly encounters Hyun Woo in the same timeframe, two similar persons who had stumbled across one other. Is this Do Joon’s fantasy, or does Hyun Woo still live in the same body in this timeline?



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