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Reborn Rich, played by Song Joong Ki, made a high mark right from the first episode.

Song Joong Ki once made a strong impression on the audience when collaborating with Song Hye Kyo in Descendants of the Sun. This work was extremely popular at the time of its release; its coverage even crossed the Korean border and was present throughout Asia.
After Descendants of the Sun, the actor continued participating in many other works such as Arthdal ​​Chronicles, Vincenzo… Recently, he returned to the small screen with the TV series Reborn Rich.
This work recorded a national rating of 6.1% in the first broadcast, and Seoul alone was 6.7%. Worth mentioning that “Reborn Rich” also broadcasts late, when people usually go to sleep. However, the drama still achieved unexpected results and led to the ratings of films aired in the same time slot on cable stations.
With 6.1%, Reborn Rich became the drama with the 2nd highest opening episode rating in JTBC cable history. This work is only inferior to the leading position, The World of the Married (rating 6.3%) with 0.2%.
The impressive viewership ratings also helped “Reborn Rich” become JTBC’s movie with the highest opening rating of the year. At the same time, related keywords such as “Reborn Rich” or “Song Joong Ki” ranked 3rd and 7th in the top search Naver.
When Descendants of the Sun was famous, some suspected the relationship between Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo of being deliberately copied to advertise the movie. At that time, the actor did not have a firm foothold in the world like his ex-wife, so he was often mocked by anti-fans.
However, the success of Vincenzo or, most recently, Reborn Rich has proven Song Joong Ki’s ability. This shows that the actor can achieve high achievements beyond expectations even if he does not co-star with Song Hye Kyo.



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