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Red Velvet and aespa Team Up to Create a Beautiful Christmas Song for the 2022 Holiday Season

aespa and Red Velvet collaborated on an intriguing project at the end of the year. The 2022 Christmas holiday song was written by two female groups spanning two generations.
MY -as aespa fans- and Luvies -the moniker of the Red Velvet fandom- were astonished when SM Entertainment revealed the partnership of their two favorite groups on Sunday (11/12/2022). The title of the next song is “Beautiful Christmas.”
The song will be performed by Aespa and Red Velvet at the SM Entertainment event “2022 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU PALACE.”
Previously, numerous Red Velvet and aespa members were grouped together in the GOT the Beat project group with BoA, Taeyong, and SNSD Hyoyeon, as well as Karina and Winter aespa and Wendy with Seulgi from Red Velvet. However, this will be the first formal cooperation between Red Velvet and aespa.
Netizens were ecstatic and thrilled to get a present from SM Entertainment in the shape of a fantasy collaboration between two of their favorite female groups. There were a lot of people who wrote favorable remarks.
“The two groups are incredibly gorgeous!!” netizens said.
“In actual life, Seulgi is a princess,” remarked another netizen.
“When I viewed these photographs, I really gasped. They are all incredibly lovely “one netizen commented
“This is the only Christmas song I’m going to listen to this year,” another netizen remarked.
“Everything’s as if SM planned it in beforehand, 9 members, TT’s ideal number,” netizens said.
“I can’t believe it, the oldest and youngest members are 11 years different, yet this collab is going to be insane!” another netizen said.
What other fantasy collaboration would celeb hitmakers want to see before 2022?



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