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Refuse to star in the hit drama Iris for the sake of this rare film, Son Ye Jin actually reaps negative reactions, how come?

Son Ye Jin’s success in the Korean entertainment industry is undeniable.
Not only called the Korean screen beauty queen, but Son Ye Jin is also famous for having many capable acting talents.
Hyun Bin’s wife’s acting ability in Korean films or dramas is often praised.
Not surprisingly, the star of Crash Landing on You (CLOY) is dubbed as the nation’s first love and one of Korea’s representative actors because he has always been loved by the citizens of the Ginseng Country even the world.
But who would have thought it turned out that Son Ye Jin had received criticism when starring in a Korean film?
As is known, Son Ye Jin has been in the Korean entertainment industry for more than 20 years.
However, the glory of his career is still warm in the hearts of his fans to this day, which puts Son Ye Jin’s reputation at the top.


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Since its debut, Son Ye Jin has landed a successful lead role leaving a lasting impression.
Since then, the actress, born on January 11, 1982, has consistently succeeded in asserting her position and fame outside Korea.
Throughout his long career, Son Ye Jin has bagged various outstanding works. However, it turns out that Son Ye Jin faced criticism while starring in the Korean film White Night.
In particular, Son Ye Jin played Yoo Mi Ho in the movie White Night alongside Go Soo and Han Suk Kyu. White Night is a Korean film adapted from the famous mystery novel Byakuyako by Japanese writer Higashino Keigo, published in 1999.
Launching Asianwiki, White Night tells the story of a man who is murdered shortly after being released from prison.
Then, a detective, Han Dong Su (Han Suk Kyu), investigates the case, bringing him back to a murder case that occurred 14 years ago. The unsolved case that ate the soul of Detective Han Dong Su to this day.
Meanwhile, Mi Ho (Son Ye Jin) is getting married to the chief executive of a large company.
The chief executive assistant (Lee Min Jung) is asked to do a background check on Mi Ho. He discovers that Mi Ho’s mother was the prime suspect in an unsolved murder case 14 years ago. The assistant also notices another man, Yo Han (Go Soo), who lingers by Mi Ho’s side.


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With her impeccable beauty, Son Ye Jin is said to be perfect for playing the female lead, as if Yukiho (her character’s name in the original story) came out of a book. While in her role, Son Ye Jin looks charming and fragile but still exudes a mysterious aura in White Night. However, according to many reviews, apart from visuals, Son Ye Jin’s portrayal of Yoo Mi Ho did not live up to expectations.
Quoting Kbizoom, Sunday, July 31, 2022, in the original White Night story, Yoo Mi Ho is a woman with a goddess-like appearance but cruel and cold-hearted inside. Son Ye Jin’s acting is not bad in this film, but because she brought an entirely different version of Yoo Mi Ho, it disappointed the readers of the novel.
While on the other hand, to take on a role in White Night, Son Ye Jin reportedly turned down an offer to act in the drama Iris.
Meanwhile, Iris became a big hit drama, with the last episode recording a rating of 41.8 per cent. Son Ye Jin turned down her role in Iris and allowed Kim Tae Hee to star in the legendary drama of her career.
Meanwhile, White Night only recorded less than 1 million viewers in theatres. Ironically, this film is considered one of the most forgotten works in Son Ye Jin’s filmography. Apart from the dramas and movies she has starred in so far, Son Ye Jin is enjoying the happiness of a soon-to-be mother after three months of officially marrying Hyun Bin.
The happy news was greeted enthusiastically and provoked his fans’ curiosity at all times.



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