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Response of Song Hye Kyo to the news that Song Joong Ki got married and had a child.

Song Hye Kyo just posted a collection of images from her vacation to Paris from half a year ago on her Facebook page.
“My final vacation to Paris,” the beauty said. It is known that the stunning woman got the chance to travel to Paris for work and pleasure in July. When Song Hye Kyo took advantage of spending time with friends and traveling, it was undoubtedly a really enjoyable period. Many pictures from the trip were also posted on Song Hye Kyo’s Facebook page at the time.
Perhaps for this reason, Song Hye Kyo chose to share more unforgettable photos from her time in Paris. It is obvious that the beauty enjoyed herself much with her close pals. Additionally, a private image of Song Hye Kyo close to an unknown male was also found by internet users.
If this is Song Hye Kyo’s new boyfriend, many people are interested to know. Fans quickly refuted this claim, claiming that Song Hye Kyo’s makeup artist was really a very close friend of hers.
Song Hye Kyo’s life seems to be mostly unaffected by the commotion surrounding her ex-husband. She is still having the most joyous and upbeat time of her life.



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