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Revealing Hyun Bin’s unique proposal and Son Ye Jin’s standard answer?

Recently, the online community “digged” a short clip cut during an exchange between Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin with fans via livestream. This live stream was made when the two were promoting “Crash Landing on You”.
During the livestream, both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were prepared with a phone to comment and interact with fans. Notably, the public has carefully discovered that Hyun Bin “dropped” a comment proposing to his wife Son Ye Jin in the form of an icon.
However, in response to Hyun Bin’s unique marriage proposal, Son Ye Jin had a standard “rooftop” response when “dropping” the angry icon, making netizens laugh. Netizens even noticed Hyun Bin’s reaction after seeing the answer from his wife. The actor smiled and endured the battle, looking quite pitiful.
In addition, netizens also “digged the grave” of the moment Son Ye Jin performed the “rooftop” standard action even before publicly dating. That was when the two stood together with the actors in “Crash Landing on You” to take pictures at the press conference. Son Ye Jin pulled Hyun Bin’s hand very tightly, making the online community excited.



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