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Revealing the important reason why Son Ye Jin – Hyun Bin came to the decision to date after filming together.

Recently, in a program broadcast on Korea’s central station, it was revealed that the “catalyst” helps many famous Korean couples have the opportunity to meet and get acquainted. Many viewers were not surprised by this news.
That is the hobby of playing golf – a luxurious sport favoured by the elite. Some couples mentioned in the program when they fell in love with this sport, such as Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, movie stars So Ji Hyun and In Kyo Jin, the couple Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyu Hyuk,…
And accordingly, it is impossible not to mention the most famous couple in kimchi at the moment: Son Ye Jin – Hyun Bin. Thanks to the common hobby of golf, the two had the opportunity to develop feelings and become lovers. It is known that before publicizing their dating relationship, the couple was repeatedly caught playing golf together.
In a reality show in 2021, Son Ye Jin revealed that she and her husband became closer and closer thanks to this luxurious subject. According to the media, the golf course is the ideal dating place that both love.
On March 31 this year, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin officially got on a flower car and returned to the same house. The couple’s wedding was held before relatives, friends, and fans congratulated. It is known that when moving to the US to enjoy the honeymoon, the couple also did not forget their passion for golf when they were discovered carrying golf clubs when they appeared at the airport.



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